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Parents have agreed that they would prefer a school uniform. Pupils who attend Cwm Glâs Primary School should be proud to belong to the school and should wish to be identified with us by wearing our distinctive school uniform.

Our uniform is available for purchase directly from Bergoni. Our Y6 pupils are invited to wear black uniform, as they wanted to be more distinguishable as the oldest pupils of the school.


Their contact details are: /   01792 796880 /

We also have a 'nearly new' uniform rail in our engage room with items for sale at just £1. Why not try the rail fist? 


 The co-operation of parents in ensuring a full and correct maintenance of the uniform is requested. It is suggested that all items of school clothing be clearly marked with the pupil's name.


Parents are expected to provide their children with shorts, T-shirts, jogging bottoms, trainers/gym shoes, swimming costume etc. for PE, Drama and Games. Children may need football togs.


Children are discouraged from wearing jewellery, other than a watch and stud earring, in school. They can be dangerous during practical lessons and at play times and cause upset when lost or damaged. Children may wear stud earrings only but these must be removed for safety reasons during PE, swimming, drama and games lessons.

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