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Curriculum Information

The school is firmly committed to the thematic approach, where curricular areas are integrated into a widely embracing theme. We believe that this method of organising our curriculum provides the most relevance for children and helps the cross-fertilisation of knowledge and skills. However, in order to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum, aspects of some subjects may be taught discreetly.

Teachers are currently innovating the curriculum, ensuring that it is fit-for-purpose, engaging and pupil-led. The KS2 department now work under 7 Areas of Learning (AoLe) which is underpinned by three cross curricular responsibilities (Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competence).

Where possible and suitable, first hand experiences are incorporated into school activities to enrich children's education.


Educational visits, field studies, use of the local environment and visiting artisans are all seen as experiences to complement and enrich our school curriculum and are regularly incorporated into class work.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Children are offered the opportunity to receive additional tuition for musical instruments, under the direction of the Peripatetic Music Teacher and the School's Music Coordinator. As time allows, teachers provide after-hours coaching for children in music and choir activities.


The school regularly holds concerts and shows. All children are encouraged to play a part

in the productions.

Strong involvement in extra-curricular sporting activities and competitions is a feature of the school. Occasionally, children may be required to stay behind after school for coaching in the various sports.

The school has a Breakfast Club to provide a good start to the day. Breakfast Club starts at 8.15 a.m., and children can start the day with some cereal or toast with fruit juice or milk. They can take part in activities with friends. The Breakfast Club is free of charge under a Wales Government initiative.


Book fairs are held regularly in school. Commission is received by the school in the form of free books.

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