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If your child is due to attend a medical, doctor, dental or optician appointment, please let us know in advance either by sending the appointment card or a written note to school. This will be recorded in the register as an authorised absence.


Children soon get behind in their work if they miss even odd days from school, so please do not keep them away unless they are unwell or there is some family emergency.


If your child is absent due to ill health, we ask that you contact the school (by telephone if possible) on the first day of illness to say that your child is not expected. 


At the same time, you can give us an indication of approximately how long your child will be away from school, and can let us know if you require homework for your child if he/she is well enough. We still require a written note when your child returns to school.

We have adopted the ERW's model, policies and procedures for attendance.


Our attendance officer is  -  Mrs R Squires

Our EWO is  -  Mr J Martin 

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