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School Re-Opening


Return to School Rational

From Monday 29th June 2020, we will be starting our Return to School procedures in a phased and gradual approach, over time. The school has a robust Risk Assessment, Operational Plan and Cleaning Protocol to ensure the safety of pupils, staff and parents and limit the risks of transmission of COVID-19.  However, it is important to note that total mitigation of the risk of contamination/infection with COVID-19 is not possible. 

To support these strategies, we will only utilise a small number of rooms in order to effectively implement the Cwm Glas  Risk Assessment and Cleaning Processes.  

We believe that a return to school for all pupils is important to support their well-being and any concerns they have during these difficult times. However, what is paramount, is our staff, children, parents and community’s safety and health.  This has been the main driver in formulating the Return to School Rationale. 

Our Governing Body has ratified our current plans which are presented below, however as the guidelines from our LA alter and are reviewed, some factors may change. You will be informed of these decisions as they are made. 


As set out in the Welsh Government Guidelines, our pupils will return to school for sessions that will allow us as teachers to ‘check in, catch up and prepare’. This will facilitate useful face to face contact with a familiar face  as we believe that this is vital to support pupil welling, transition and our home learning strategy.   

The Cwm Glas Operational Plan is designed with a safe and cautious approach, with the scope to grow gradually over time.  This plan was constructed using the Cwm Glas Risk Assessment for returning to school following LA and Welsh Government Guidelines.   


Our starting point for return is for all children from Reception to Year 6.  The LA have decided that Nursery will not return until the Autumn term at the earliest. Children will have the opportunity to attend in small groups of no more than 5 in Foundation Phase and 6 in KS2 on a weekly basis until the end of term.  Parents/carers will be notified via our texting service or phone call to inform them when their children will attend. 




  • Attendance of these well-being sessions is non-statutory. They are an optional support mechanism for families if required. 

  • From Monday 29th June, the Emergency Childcare provision will fall in line with the school day hours, this is in line with all schools across the LA.

Please watch our return to school message below from the Headteacher.

Updates from Head Teacher on Local Authority and Government guidelines.

Cwm Glâs Returning to School Documents

CwmGlas Documents Access.png
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