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Hello Parents/Carers

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. It’s been an eventful few weeks and we are all living in a different world than we are used to at the moment. I have to say that it’s so comforting to see how we are all coming together as a School Community and responding positively to what is an incredibly difficult time. The home learning strategy is working well, and I have received positive comments both from teaching staff and parents. It is fantastic to know that while the School building is closed, our School Community is not just continuing but thriving. Our staff have been working harder than ever to provide the education our pupils are having at the moment and I know we are all very grateful for their hard work and commitment.


As the final term starts from our own homes, there’s one question on everyone’s mind – how do we support our children? While we don’t expect you to replace your child’s schoolteacher, it’s important that children are still learning as best they can. We’ve got some ideas to make learning easy and fun for both parents and children on the children’s Seesaw accounts and through our weekly Whole School Challenge.

Please visit your child’s Seesaw account to find work that our teachers are setting each week for your children to do. This work can be shared back with the teacher to be marked and to provide feedback; this can be verbal feedback too. I know some of the children have liked hearing their teacher’s voice. This work is intended to help children not only continue their learning but to keep work they have already learnt fresh in their mind. Therefore, it is important that you try to support your children as best you can to complete this work. If you need help and guidance on how to work the Seesaw account, please see the video below.


We would like to reiterate that we do not expect you to replace schoolteachers. Children who can focus just one or two hours a day are working very hard. It’s much more important for a child to have one productive hour followed by playtime than hours of unfocused work. What is paramount for us all is maintaining safety and wellbeing for our families during these difficult times.


There are also plenty of ways your children can learn through day-to-day life. Encourage them to help you work out how much your weekly food shop is going to cost based on the prices online, or to read before bed. Writing letters to friends and family is a great way to practice writing skills. Even going on local walks and spotting different birds, insects or plants is a great way to learn! Take pictures of these precious moments and upload to the Seesaw account and share them with staff.


Remember, that this strategy is not only helping with your child’s education while at home, but it is also helping classes feel connected, even during these challenging times, which I personally think is amazing and should be our overriding purpose.


Can I also take this opportunity to thank you dearly for taking part in the weekly whole school challenges. The entries that have been emailed each week are outstanding! I hope you and the children feel that the videos help us stay connected during a time where we cannot be together.


If you have any questions about Seesaw, Reading Buddy or supporting your child/children at home please do not hesitate to contact me on .


Thank you for your continued support.




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